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Dental restorations (also known as dental fillings) are treatments that entail employing biocompatible materials to replace or restore a decayed section, missing part, or damaged area of a tooth or its structure. Dental restorations also include procedures that entail removing and then restoring parts or all of a tooth's structure in order to prevent decay and the need for more sophisticated procedures (such as root canals or tooth extraction) in the future.

Restorative dentistry procedures strive to heal teeth and provide treatments that prevent or delay further tooth deterioration. When a dentist believes it necessary, people of all ages, occupations, and genders can and should receive restorative dental treatments. Restorative dental treatment is performed with materials that are completely safe and biocompatible, allowing for a natural-looking result while posing no risk to the teeth.

Although dental restoration is a loose term that encompasses a number of treatments ranging from basic fillings to complicated procedures such as dental implants, we at SMILE DENTAL CLINIC lay special emphasis on all restorative procedures. We believe that Restorative care should be a holistic approach that comprehensively deals with a patient’s treatment requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens prior to a dental restoration Procedure?

ANSWER: The treatments that precede a dental repair vary depending on the kind of restoration. Regardless, brush and floss your teeth before any procedure to keep them as clean as possible. We usually detect cavities and damages to teeth during a dental examination or cleaning procedure and subsequently make an appointment to place fillings.

2. After the procedure, what should I expect?

ANSWER: We may advise you to adjust your food and drinking habits for 24 hours after a dental restoration but it depends on the type of restoration and also the material used.

In general we recommend:

  • Soft meals should be consumed.
  • Cold meals should be consumed.
  • Luke Warm soup is also a good option if the recommendation is to avoid hard, rigid or sticky food material.
  • After any restoration, you must clean and floss your teeth on a daily basis; unless a specific instruction to avoid the same is given otherwise.
3. What are the advantages of dental fillings or restorations?

ANSWER: Dental restorations not only improve your chewing ability, but they also help you talk more clearly and improve your smile. But most importantly they aid in the preservation of your teeth.

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