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Some people have perfectly aligned teeth, but the majority of us have crooked teeth that don’t fit together properly. Crooked teeth can adversly affect your looks and how you bite using your teeth. The good news is that with the right treatment, you can easily straighten your teeth, correct your bite and revamp the way you look!

Braces & Invisible Teeth Aligners at
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Straightening your  teeth may appear to be purely cosmetic, yet this could not be furthar from the truth. Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean, making tooth decay and periodontal disease more likely. Teeth that don’t fit properly might make it difficult to chew, resulting in headaches, shoulder or back pain, and even TMJ issues.

Crooked teeth are treated by dental specialists known as Orthodontists. They specialise in the treatment of crooked teeth and discrepency in facial bones. For orthodontic therapy, an orthodontist is the best person to consult.

SMILE DENTAL CLINIC team consist of higly skilled and experienced Orthodontists who have years of experience in treating orthodontic problems. We offer precise orthodontic planning using sophisticated diagnostic machines which is followed with state of the art treament that is administered to our patients by our Orthodontists.

We have Trios4 3D scanner which is capable of tracking orthodontic movement. Only available in central India at our clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the symptoms or signs of orthodontic issues?

ANSWER: Orthodontic therapy may be required if you notice evidence of misaligned teeth, gaps between teeth, or overlapping teeth.

Bite down completely, but keep your lips open to see the teeth. Do the front teeth match the bottom ones? Do your top teeth protrude past your bottom teeth? Upper front teeth cover more than half of the bottom teeth or the top teeth are in front of the bottom teeth? Take a look at how your jaw is set. When biting down, does the jaw slip off centre? Any jaw misalignment or shifting indicates a skeletal or jaw bone condition that needs an early orthodontic intervention. These are just a few of the more evident signs of orthodontic issues.

2. What Are Orthodontic Treatments and How Do They Work?

ANSWER: Orthodontic treatments employ a variety of tools to re-train muscles, gradually shift the teeth such that they move into the correct position slowly and promote or restrain jaw growth by applying modest pressure to the bones to accurately model your face.

3. What is the difference between fixed and removable orthodontic treatment?

ANSWER: Fixed or detachable appliances may be used in orthodontic therapy. Our Orthodontist will recommend the best treatment option for you based on the severity of your case during the consultation.

4. Does orthodontic treatment mean that I will have to wear braces?

ANSWER: Modern orthodontic treatment has a wide variety of solutions for your dental problems. Over the last few years, orthodontic treatment mechanisms have evolved technologically. Today’s orthodontic treatment is not only more effective and precise but also more comfortable thanks to the introduction of new high-tech wires, smaller braces, novel accessories, emphasis on preventive/interceptive therapies and most recently Invisible teeth aligners. Technique and technologies such as lingual orthodontics, invisible aligners, etc. are not visible when you smile or open your mouth wide. However these might not be useful for every case or scenario. Our Orthodontist will discuss all types of treatment options that will be most suitable for you.

5. Are braces uncomfortable?

ANSWER: Braces, in general, might be uncomfortable at first until you get used to them. Teeth may be sore for a day or two after each adjustment treatment, but they are not unpleasant. Our Orthodontist will discuss these issues and how to address them during the course of your treatment.

6. What are Invisible Aligners and should I get them?

ANSWER: Traditional braces can make many individuals feel self-conscious. People who are self-conscious about having braces and have aesthetic issues with their teeth will benefit from invisible aligners. Nobody sees that you’re wearing invisible aligners because they’re practically undetectable. There are no wires or metal brackets, unlike traditional braces, so you can feel considerably more at ease.

However, not every individual or case/scenario is suitable to be treated with clear aligners. Our Orthodontist will discuss wether your case is suitable for treatment with invisible aligners.

7. How long does Orthodontic treatment take?

ANSWER: Treatment time varies from person to person and also from case to case, however orthodontic treatment is usually long and requires multiple sittings and follow-up visits. We at SMILE DENTAL CLINIC emphasize that your time is valuable and always work towards balancing your treatment, work and lifestyle needs. Our orthodontist will always discuss the treatment plan and clinical visits with you in detail so that effective treatment will be administered with precision and unmatched fidelity.

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