Smile Dental Clinic's Founder

Dr. Ashish Jain
Dental Surgeon & Implantologist

We are a team of highly trained dental professionals who work together to provide our patient excellent treatment with personal care and attention.

Dr. Suyash Jain

(MDS) Pediatrics Dentist
Reg No: A-1399
Mobile: +91-9826744711

Dr. Vihang Naphade

(MDS) Oral Radiologist & TMJ Specialist
Reg. No: A-15070
Mobile: +91-9893121550

Dr. Kanupriya Tak Nagar

(BDS) Dental Surgeon & Cosmetologist
Reg No.: A-10606

Dr. Rohit Maheshwari

(MDS) Orthodontist
Reg No: A-04345

Dr. Swati Sharma

(MDS) Dental Surgeon & Oral Implantologist
Reg. No: A-13921

Dr. Komal Fatwani Kapoor

(BDS) Dental Surgeon
Reg No.: A-08670

Dr. Vatsal Bhatt

(BDS) Dental Surgeon
Reg No.: A-11398

Dr. Atul Kala

(MDS) Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Reg No: A-2766

Dr. Hemant Gadge

(MDS) Maxillofacial Prosthodontist
Reg. No: A-08423

Vishnu Rao

Dental Chair Side Assistant

Deepak Nagraj

Dental Chair Side Assistant

Sunil Rao

Dental Chair Side Assistant

Lucky goyal

Dental Chair Side Assistant

Ankit Goyal

Dental Chair Side Assistant

Gopal Bhalerao

Dental Chair Side Assistant

Simran Gangare

Dental Chair Side Assistant

Palak Rathore

Dental Chair Side Assistant

Himanshi Joshi


Tanu Gosar


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    Pipliyahana Indore (M.P.)
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    We are one of the most advanced dental clinic in Indore, well equipped with modern technology like in-house CBCT and exceptional infrastructure. We practice digital, single sitting and painless dentistry.

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