Root Canal Treatment in Indore

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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal or endodontic treatment is the procedure that involves the removal of the dental pulp tissue from the root (canal) system of a tooth.

A tooth may have multiple roots and these roots contain one or more canals. If an infectious or noxious agent reaches the pulp; it may get infected or inflamed (or both). This condition warrants treatment and involves the removal of the infected pulp tissue. As soon as the infected pulp is removed from the root’s canal, it is cleaned thoroughly, disinfected and re-shaped to accept a filling material and finally it is filled with a permanent filling.

Root Canal Treatment in Indore at

The Smile Dental Clinic

At SMILE DENTAL CLINIC; we specialize in root canal procedures as this has been a part of our routine practice since over 17 years. In these years we have gone from traditional root canal therapy to a high-tech and modern endodontic treatment practice with the use of operating microscopes, CBCT, 3D obturation armamentarium and so on. Our focus during root canal treatments  is to ensure that the patient gets relief from acute pain, have minimum number of visits and ensure that the tooth is restored to its natural form and function.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the root canal procedure painful?

ANSWER: A root canal treatment is not meant to be painful and in many ways is like a regular tooth filling. Moreover, a root canal treatment helps in relieving the pain resulting from an infection and seldom increases it. Even if there is some pain; in majority of cases it is not due to the procedure, but because of the problem it aims to treat. Eventually, the patient becomes comfortable and pain free.

2. What happens during a root canal procedure?

ANSWER: After numbing the area to be treated, a hole is drilled in the tooth to reach the pulp chamber and the root canal system. The inflamed or infected tissue is removed following which the pulp chamber and the root canals are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. The cleaned chamber and canal system is then filled and sealed off with relevant dental materials and a temporary filling material is placed on the top to seal of the drilled hole. Immediately after the root canal procedure one might feel some sensitivity for a few days for which painkillers or anti-inflammatory
medicines will be prescribed to reduce the pain.

3. What happens after the root canal procedure?

ANSWER: A few days or weeks after the root canal treatment, a permanent filling material is filled in the tooth or more commonly a dental crown is placed over the given tooth. The physical condition of the tooth and/or the amount/extent of damage determines the type of restoration to be done.

4. Can I go to work after getting a root canal?

ANSWER: The effect of the anesthetic given to numb the pain lasts for 2-4 hours after which majority of the patients will be capable to directly return to work. It is generally advised to the patient not to eat till the time the numbness lasts!

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