Most Common FYIs Orthodontics Treatments to Understand

December 30, 2022

If your teeth and/or jaw are misaligned, it’s important to urge treatment to straighten your bite. Whether by traditional braces, or a mouthguard, all orthodontic appliances help straighten teeth or keep them straight.


Orthodontic care may be a complex specialty branch of dentistry that needs additional education beyond general dentistry. If you’re a candidate for orthodontics, you’ll find that a successful treatment plan improves your self-confidence by improving your beautiful smile.

Best ages

Ideally, all children should get an orthodontic assessment between ages 2 and 5 to work out the necessity for any growth corrections. Treatment at that time will focus totally on jaw and palate growth to make sure proper space for all teeth within the mouth. Then, between 4-10 years old, any growth problems are often monitored and treated as required. If growth has been corrected during the toddler years, you’ll hamper the likelihood your child will need braces or Invisalign. After the age of 10, if there are additional corrections needed, a brief course of clear aligners is often used.

Metal braces

The gold standard in orthodontics for several decades was metal braces. Utilizing metal wires and brackets, metal braces are fixed appliances that push and pull teeth into their proper position over time.

Braces are best for incredibly aggressive movements, where an excellent deal of space must be made. Once childhood is over, there’s very rarely a justification for metal braces to be used rather than clear aligners, aside from the cheaper cost.

Space closure

One of the explanations for why metal braces could be needed is to finish orthodontic space closure, where teeth are extracted and braces help to shut the gap. In orthotropic, braces could also be used for very young children that have significant growth problems, usually to make space and widen the palate because the child grows.

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