Foods to Avoid With Braces

January 25, 2022

Crooked teeth can be aggravating; not only does it change the shape of our jaw, but it also reduces our self-esteem. To straighten crooked teeth, many dentists recommend dental braces; they assist align the lower jaw with the upper jaw, improving the smile’s appearance. It is also beneficial to our self-esteem. However, dental braces can be irritating, and you must be extremely cautious about what you put in your mouth.

Food that needs to be avoided

  1. Candy: Hard candies, such as candy canes and lollipops, can cause your brackets to loosen, causing you to have to have them tightened many times during your treatment. So, at all costs, stay away from hard candies.
  2. Chewing gum: Gums can be extremely chewy and sticky; if you chew gum while wearing braces, then the chances are that you end up sticking the gum in the brackets and the wires of the braces. It can loosen the frame easily.
  3. Nuts and potato chips: Nuts, potato chips, crunchy vegetables, and other crunchy foods are crunchy and can break brackets off teeth and bend archwires, therefore it’s best not to eat them while wearing braces.
  4. Hard food: Hard foods, such as beef jerky, corn on the cob, or pizza crust, should be avoided while wearing braces since they can damage the brackets fast, requiring another trip to the dentist.


So these are the few things that you should avoid if you have braces on; it may sound painful, but remember beauty is pain, and pain is gain. So if you are getting dental braces in Indore, you should be careful about your food choices.

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