Are your Brushing Enough for Your Teeth?

December 15, 2022

Are your Brushing Enough for Your Teeth?

We were taught to brush daily since childhood, it’s a habit of many. Many people thinks that only brushing will save their teeth from germs and they are wrong here. Brush has a mechanism to clean the germs sticked inside your teeth and gums. Just like your hands, with the help of the toothpaste it kills the germs inside it that are on the front, but still the brush has its limitations.

Such as: –

  • It cannot reach to the end of the teeth
  • It cannot ensure 100 safety from that harmful germ stuck in your gums.
  • It cannot every time move out the hidden germ inside your mouth.

The most important drawback is that it cannot ensure a complete safety from the germs that stuck on your tongue. Many brushes come with the technology of tongue cleaning, but not all.  But still, we cannot stop brushing because it’s the best possible way for a healthy tooth in the daily life.

Here are some other options we have: –

  • Get annual checkups from a dental clinic in Indore
  • Brush twice a day. (Second before sleep)
  • Tell your Dental doctor in Indore about smallest of the issue you are facing.
  • Eat good food.

So, that’s it from this blog, I hope you got all the information needed

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